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long_shot1986's Journal

23 July 1968
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Author David Boop is a Denver-based writer of short fiction, novels, comics and films. With degrees in broadcasting and computers, he has worked as a journalist, copywriter, radio and television personality, and even as a stand up comic. His short stories have appeared in magazines including Tales of the Talisman and SF Trails, and anthologies such as Wondrous Web Worlds and Space Pirates:Full-Throttle Space Tales 1 (Flying Pen Press, ISBN 978-0-9818957-0-3, trade paperback, $16.95), published by Flying Pen Press. Boop has spoken on writing and the publishing industry at science fiction conventions throughout the North and Southwest U.S. and is currently pursuing a degree in English.

She Murdered Me With Science by David Boop
Science Fiction
ISBN 978-0-9795889-9-0, Trade paperback, $15.95